Information about the Rainbow Program

Our college programmes for the youngest (4-7 year-olds) make them learn and enjoy English throughout songs, games, handcrafts and all sort of entertaining activities which help them to learn in a very funny and dynamic way. Moreover, each student makes use of a textbook along the school year.

For the ones with previous knowledge, they will follow a seven level programme from elementary to intermediate level, which guarantees a constant progression.

The Rainbow Program is divided in stages that correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Students prepare for an annual review of each stage.
In each level, the children need exceed minimum conditions incorporating the four basic skills.

All tests have to pass written, oral, listening and reading comprehension. Each stage usually has an estimated age, so that children entering the first level usually have an age between seven and eight years.

At the end of the seven levels, students gain a high level.

For those students who reach intermediate or advanced levels, we offer them intensive courses for Cambridge exams.

Children and teenagers’ tuition:

  • Courses for 4-year-old kids.
  • RAINBOW Courses (7 levels) for the youngest.
  • E.S.O. and Baccalaureate (E.B.A.U. exams) intensive lessons for those who have problems passing their exams at schools or high-schools
  • Cambridge exams preparation - C1 (C.A.E.), A2 (K.E.T.), B1 (P.E.T.), B2 (F.C.E.).


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