The great availability of levels we offer guarantee that our students are placed in the proper level for a quick progression. Hence we take into account their age and previous knowledge.

We give tuition to a wide range of ages, cultures and creeds, being our lessons mainly practical. While the youngest have many funny lessons, teenagers and adults enjoy practising real situations, what make them feel their lessons as really worthy.

Adults can attend English and German lessons through different levels – from elementary to advanced – and different timetables. Groups are reduced, what gives the option to faster learning, making use of the language from the very first moment.

Adults’ tuition:

  • English and German (different levels and optional timetables)
  • Conversation
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Cambridge exams preparation - C1 (C.A.E.), B1 (P.E.T.), B2 (F.C.E.).