Our college, Big Ben College S.L., Language Academy, in Los Realejos, Tenerife, was opened on February 1st 1994, with the aim of teaching languages to all those people interested in acquiring a second language. In the first years, our college gave English, French, Italian and German tuition. Throughout these years, we have focused on English and German due to the interest generated in these two languages.

Now with two learning centers, more than 2,800 students can testify clear evidence in our progression as a school and, nowadays, we have more and better options for our students keeping – above all – the same objectives we set from the very beginning; in fact, the results show how well prepared our students are, what encourages us to work harder and harder and to keep the illusion and enthusiasm that characterises us. We are aware of the efforts we make and this will help our students, not only at present but also in their future.

Along the years, we have developed a close contact with our students, giving them a professional and respectful treatment, and receiving much compensation from them.

To all of you who have acceded our web page, welcome once again and, let us invite you to visit us, to see our college and, why not, to attend a free lesson.